National Become an Engineer Week

The children of Ballinamere were delighted to receive a visit from four real life engineers as part of National Become an Engineer Week. Present and future pupil’s Daddies Ray Bell, Stephen Healy, Joe Gaffey and John Brennan visited the school on Wednesday March 4th to explain what engineering is and what engineers do. All classes listened to a presentation and watched videos explaining all about the varied and important work of the engineer. The children found this STEM initiative both informative and enjoyable. As part of ‘Be an Engineer for a Day’, the children designed, built and operated catapults and launched marshmallows great distances.

Special thanks to John, Joe, Stephen and Ray for giving up their time and sharing their expertise. Maybe a great invention will come from the mind of someone inspired by these events. Pictured below are Principal Miss Cusack, our expert engineers and Fifth Class enjoying the day.

STEM5 (Phone)