-School Improvement Plan-


School Improvement Report

During Spring 2013 Ballinamere N.S. undertook Self- Evaluation when managerial, organisational and curricular issues were considered.In evaluating curricular areas, teacher observations, test results, parent questionnaires and pupil questionnaires were analysed.

Following staff discussions it was decided to focus on Literacy for our first 3 Year School-Improvement Plan (2013-2016).

Having considered the three strands of literacy ie. oral, reading and writing we decided to select reading as the area  in which to seek improvement.

In order to achieve set targets a three year action plan was devised. Amongst several strategies to be implemented the focus was primarily to be

Year 1 (2013/14): Comprehension

Year 2 (2014/15): Vocabulary extension

Year 3 (2015/16): Phonics and Reading Fluency

We are now in Year 3 of our Literacy Improvement Plan.

Our 3 Year Numeracy Improvement Plan (2014-2017) began in 2014. Problem Solving was the area selected for improvement.The focus for each of the three years is as follows

Year 1 (2014/15)  The language of maths

Year 2 (2015/16)  Problem solving strategies

Year 3 (2016/17)  Problems presented in variety of formats

Your support with both our Literacy and Numeracy Improvement Plans is appreciated and has enabled us to achieve our improvement targets . These results further enhance our standardised test results which are already significantly above the national average.

Following our Special Education Needs Provision Evaluation in October 2015 we have decided  on this area for our third School Improvement Plan. The focus for the first two years of this plan will be as follows

Year 1 (2015/16)  Classroom/School Support Checklists and Plans

                                Advance teaching in Learning Support Settings

                                Introduction of Power Hour in First Class

Year 2 (2016/17)  Introduction of Transactional Strategy Instruction in Fifth Class

                                 Introduction of Group Teaching and Assessment Programme in Junior Infants 

We hope this information gives you an overview of where we are at with School Self-Improvement  and we look forward to your continued support of our work.