-Special Olympics-

Ballinamere Special Olympics Club was founded in 2005 as a response to the sporting needs of children with Special Education Needs in Ballinamere National School. Over the years the club has grown from eight to thirty athletes and now includes past pupils of the school. Children can register with the club from the age of six and can compete from the age of eight.

2017 Leinster Swimming Championship Medal Winners

The club focuses on Aquatics and Athletics and has also participated in Soccer, Bocce, Bowling, Kayaking and Equestrian events. Athletes train regularly and try to improve their personal records; this is the primary goal of any Special Olympics competitor. Qualification for the All Ireland Games takes the form of a four year cycle. Many athletes have competed and medalled in the 2010 and 2014 Games. Twelve athletes have qualified for the 2018 Games at the National Sports Campus in Dublin, seven for Aquatics and five for Athletics.

 Launch of Young Athletes Pilot Programme 2017

Trips to events and competitions are the culmination of up to four years of training and are hugely anticipated by all club members and their families. It is a tremendous honour to represent the community for the athletes. Ballinamere Special Olympics Club has travelled to the Curragh, Navan, Kilkenny and Limerick in the past.

Members of the Ballianmere Special Olympics Club 2016


A Proud Moment for One of Our Athletes

The success of this club is thanks to the tireless work of volunteers, school staff members, coaches and chaperones. They organise fundraising, training and accompany the athletes to competitions all over the country. They motivate and encourage the athletes to improve and compete at the highest possible level. This ensures that each and every member of Ballinamere Special Olympics Club lives up to the motto of Special Olympics: Let me win, but if I don’t, let me be brave in the attempt.

Our 11 athletes who represented Team Leinster in 2018