Our Board of Management (BOM) manages our school on behalf of our patron, the Catholic Bishop of Meath, and is accountable to both the patron and the Minister of Education. Our Board must uphold the Catholic ethos of Ballinamere N.S. while having the responsibility of overseeing the running of the school. The Board is appointed for a four year term and the term of office for new Boards of Management is from 1st December 2019 to 30 November 2023 .

Structure of the Board

A “Core Board” consists of

  • Two direct nominees of the Patron

  • Two parent nominees, a mother and a father, elected from parents of students attending the school.

  • A teacher nominee, elected by teachers in the school

  • The school principal

The core board, when elected, must then appoint two members from the wider community

Current Board

Chairperson : Ms. Helen Hanlon

Secretary: Ms. Deirdre Cusack

Rt. Rev. Seán Heaney CC VG

Mr. Paul McNally

Ms. Dara Byrne

Mr. Dermot Murphy

Ms. Patricia Comiskey

Ms. Claire O’Sullivan

Our Board of Management work in a voluntary capacity for the benefit of all students, staff and parents of Ballinamere N.S. and for this we are sincerely grateful.